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Release date: 
May 12, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Dance/Electronic
Play Lost On the Way Home (feat. Solange)
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White Women

This is the big one. After a half-year roll out, including several late-night talk show appearances, four (!) early singles, and their first bonafide hit in “Jealous”, Montreal electrofunk duo Chromeo is finally releasing their fourth full-length, White Women. This sly, funky fresh album took close to two years to assemble, and it undoubtedly shows; the grooves, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and sizable hooks are the slickest Dave 1 and P-Thugg have offered in a decade-long career. It’s genuinely delivered, ridiculously clever, and most importantly, wildly fun and impossibly infectious. Guest vocalists Ezra Koening (of Vampire Weekend), Toro y Moi, and Solange Knowles all bring it, without crowding our main guys. Who knew a yacht rock revival would be this good? The best dance album of the year to date, Canadian or otherwise.

Catch Chromeo’s funk live in their hometown of Montreal for Osheaga, August 1-3.