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March 25, 2015
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Thumbalina - Single

Toronto based collective sideways sure seem to be onto something interesting – the four artists within, Michah (aka Dustbuster), La+ch, Shan Vincent de Paul, and Coleman Hell, are all independent acts, yet regularly feature on, assist with, and produce each other’s work.  Coleman Hell is the most pop inclined of the four, and the most likely to break through top40. His latest single, “Thumbalina”, is the latest in a string of already successful tracks ("Take Me Up" and "2 Heads", the latter pulling 3mil. streams on Spotify) leading up to his forthcoming full-length, Srry Bout Last Nite. Buoyant and uplifting, the new tune is cleverly crafted left-of-center pop, immensely larger sounding than the song’s namesake. Keep an eye on Coleman Hell in 2015.