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Release date: 
May 18, 2015
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap
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Suplex - EP

Electronic/hip-hop a-team A Tribe Called Red have nabbed Juno wins and Polaris noms for their unique blend of modern club beats and First Nations music. They remain as innovative as ever and prove they’re ready to rumble with their latest (surprise) EP, Suplex. The new disc carries on with the “pow-wow-step” style that the trio has cultivated, and is thematically centered on professional wresting. In addition to the three originals (featuring contributions from Hellnback and Northern Voice) and remix version (courtesy of Smalltown DJs), the band has offered up a new music video for the title track, wherein a Native youth, searching for a cultural icon, ends up becoming a wrestling champion.

“The connection between the indigenous communities of the Americas, and professional wrestling, is really heavy.” vocalist Bear Witness explained in a statement. “In North America we had pros like Chief Jay Youngblood and Wahoo McDaniel who were indigenous, but had to dress in headdress and tassels to compete….The idea of the video was to show that connection we made to these people beyond stereotypes, but also to see an indigenous character make it, without needing the stereotype."

Check out the video for Suplex here. Catch A Tribe Called Red live on tour – multiple dates are scheduled across Canada, including free shows in Fort McMurray AB on June 19 at Indian Beach and in Toronto on July 12 at Echo Beach for the Pan Am Games. Come ready to mosh and wrestle, but maybe don't wear a hipster headdress if you're not Native, yeah?