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Release date: 
December 8, 2015
Total songs: 
Play If You Ask How I'm Keeping

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Strange Country

Two years ago, we were blown away by The Day Is Past & Gone, by folk duo Kacy (Anderson) and Clayton (Linthicum). Given that the cousins were both teenagers then (Kacy still is), the album showed astonishing musical maturity. They now return with an even stronger record, Strange Country, one deserving more attention here than it has received to date (K&C have earned a European following though). Kacy has a truly gorgeous voice, one that evokes memories of Sandy Denny, while Clayton is a very fluent player on acoustic, electric, 12-string and steel guitar. Three traditional songs fit snugly alongside strong duo originals, with traditional English folk emerging as the dominant influence on their sound. Notable guests include Lucas Goetz (Deep Dark Woods) and Schuyler Jansen (string arrangements and vibraphone). Sublime stuff, worthy of Juno/Polaris consideration. Of note: Linthicum is also a member of rootsy faves Deep Dark Woods.

The duo will support Daniel Romano on an extensive U.K. and European tour next May and June.