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December 8, 2015
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Our Time Is Now - Single

The band Ménage has been around just three years, but their roots run much deeper. You see, the modern rock combo is led by three Ferreira siblings, brothers Gabriel and Fernando and sister Bela. The brothers had played together in various bands in T.O. and L.A., while Bela found a degree of fame solo in Portugal. As Menage, they're making moves fast. They've completed two EPs, and a compilation of these (The Great American Lie) is now out in Europe, where they already have a growing fan base. This side of the Atlantic, they're still working the self-titled first one, spearheaded by killer track "Our Time Is Now". It has an anthemic stadium-rock feel to it, with killer guitar work and Bela's strong vocals meshing nicely. It was mixed by David Bottrill (Muse, Peter Gabriel), and he was so impressed by the band he produced their second EP. Of note: The song won as Best Rock Song Of The Year at the International Portuguese Music Awards.

Bela and Fernando told this scribe this week that they're a group who lives to perform. They are planning an Ontario tour in February, to be followed  by a showcase at SXSW and more touring in 2016. A band to watch very closely.