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Release date: 
February 19, 2013
Total songs: 
Play Off the Main Drag
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North Americana

Leif Vollebekk spent two years working on this album, much of it in Montreal-but also in Manhattan, Woodstock and France. Fortunately, his determination to get it right and make a great record paid off. It's done old school, live to tape and the process adds charm and allows for imperfections, which add to the earthiness of the album. Vocally one can draw similarities to Jeff Buckley, with Leif supplementing his vocals with instrumental textures on guitar, piano, harmonica and fiddle. He's accompanied by pedal steel ace Joe Grass, Adam Kinner on tenor sax, Arcade Fire's Sarah Neufeld on violin, and former Arcade Fire member Howard Bilerman engineered and produced the majority of the tracks. The end result is an album of quiet strength and evident imagination. He's in TO during CMW and continues on to perform in QC and Montreal.