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Release date: 
October 27, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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No Weaknesses - Single

The Dirty Nil have spent the last couple years as an about to break out act, peppering their terrific live show with the odd EP or single to whet the appetite. Sometimes, such drawn out waiting can serve to backfire on an act, as still newer flavours of the moment unseat an act before they even really get a chance to establish a place at the big boys’ table.

But fresh from a summer spot on the Warped Tour and then announcing a deal with major indie Dine Alone, it seems likely that The Nil are going to make good on what many have promised for them. This single, a taste of their highly anticipated, John Goodmanson-helmed LP slated for 2016, is a reminder why everyone freaked out in the first place.

These guys just play rock n’ roll. What makes them great at it is the sheer ferocity and passion of their delivery, one that is ably spearheaded by the voice of Luke Bentham. On stage, Bentham combines boyish good looks, lanky height, and a constantly-grinning persona to be a magnetic frontman. On record, his voice contains much of the same charisma, but also features a massive scream that punctuates the melodies. Careening behind, the band plow through a killer tune that suggests as much love for Rick Springfield and Buddy Holly as Husker Du and The Replacements. If The Dirty Nil, whose releases thus far have been brief, but great, can translate this into a full platter of such delights, their potential is something else. “No Weaknesses” is paired with a strong cover of “Provisional”, the classic Fugazi track from their 1989 EP, Margin Walker.