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Release date: 
July 9, 2015
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Grown Up Things - Single

On her powerful new single "Grown Up Things", Jessica Mitchell sings "there I go telling stories again". That is exactly what this highly-talented country-folk singer/songwriter does so well, drawing deeply on personal experiences and giving them universal resonance. The well-produced track showcases Mitchell's strong and pure voice and it possesses a lovely dynamic flow, building from poignant harmonica and strummed guitar to a full-blooded sound featuring piano, steel, fiddle and backing vocals, then fading out in haunting fashion. Mitchell has been diligently working on her craft in Nashville and Toronto and collaborating with the likes of Todd Clark (Phillip Phillips, Pilot Speed). Now working on an upcoming album, she is an artist to watch very closely.

A compelling performer, Mitchell opened a cross-country tour for Tom Cochrane earlier this year (she also plays and sings in Tom's band), and is now playing dates with him in July and August. She played The Open Roof Festival in Toronto this week, and performs with the Art of Time Ensemble at Harbourfront, Toronto, Dec. 4-5.