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Release date: 
October 14, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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For Your Bloodshot Eyes

July Talk’s 2012 self-titled debut record bustled with an electric energy and feel, primarily sparked by the palpable tension between bandleaders Peter Dremanis and Leah Fay. That album has just been released internationally as a deluxe version, with three previously unreleased tracks. In Canada, the new tunes are being repackaged as a new EP – For Your Bloodshot Eyes. The bluesy-rock kickoff “Gentleman” is billed as the ballsy new single, but “Blood + Honey” and “Uninvited” are the ones with the major riffs and beefy hooks. Much like with Metric pre-Fantasies, every move this band makes suggests that they could break wide; that a collection of b-sides would be this strong only confirms that potential.

An extensive North American tour is underway with several Canadian dates scheduled, including Winnipeg October 18 at Pyramid Cabaret, Edmonton October 20 at the Starlite Room, Calgary October 21 at McEwan Ballroom, Vancouver October 23 at the Commodore, and a sold-out Toronto hometown show December 20. Details here