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Release date: 
June 5, 2013
Total songs: 
Play Water Under the Bridge
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Fall of Romance

Following the Polaris long-listed debut, Imaginary Cities abandons intimate and austere arrangements found on Temporary Resident and aims for grandeur on Fall of Romance. Billowy sounding tunes such as “Chasing the Sunset”, “Who’s Watching You”, and early single “Bells of Cologne” are polished orchestral miniatures that exhibit evident rapport exchanged between co-vocalists, Rusty Matyas (formerly of the Waking Eyes) and the instantly recognizable Marti Sarbit. Imaginary Cities' candy sweet melodies have drawn favourable comparisons to Zooey Deschanel + M. Ward’s project, She & Him. See how Fall of Romance is reproduced live on the band’s current tour, with dates scheduled in Waterloo ON, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Brandon MB through the summer.