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Release date: 
July 2, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Reggae
Play No Evil
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Don't Kill the Magic

Magic!’s “Rude” was the surprise breakout hit of 2013, cracking top 10 in multiple countries, and seemingly coming out from nowhere. Lead singer Nasri Atweh’s track record as co-producer on A-list projects (Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera) reveals that it was no fluke though. With first full-length Don’t Kill the Magic, the Toronto-based quartet shakes any suggestions that they’ll be written off as a one-hit wonder. The reggae-pop songs are just too slick, too glossy, and conscious of their potential spot on top-40 to be ignored. It’s inoffensive, squeaky-clean sunny pop written for a generation too young to even remember Puff Daddy’s sampling of “Every Breath You Take”, let alone The Police’s Synchronicity. Whether or not they stay reggae-based remains to be seen, but their ability to craft earworm hooks could mean a steady radio-baiting career. No magic to it – you just have to put trust in the tried and true.