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Release date: 
July 7, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, Dance/Electronic
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Deicide - Single

Now that the acrimonious Twitter dispute regarding the legitimacy of the authorship in the Crystal Castles discography seems to have settled, producer Ethan Kath is confidently continuing on with the project without vocalist Alice Glass. Following "Frail", the apocalyptic single released back in April, comes “Deicide”, a new electro-atmospheric CC track unveiled via Soundcloud. Within a week, the glitchy tune – which may be about the act of killing a god or inspired by a death metal band of the same name – has amassed over 500k streams. Like “Frail” before it, a vocalist known only as “Edith” is claimed to be featured on the track, but online speculation is rampant as to whether it’s actually Alice Glass singing (meaning the whole spat was a hoax) or whether it’s actually a pitched-up, disguised Kath (which he’s denied). Listen to it in the provided stream and decide for yourself.

“Deicide” and “Frail” will likely appear on a forthcoming Crystal Castles full-length, date and title TBA.