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Release date: 
November 2, 2015
Total songs: 
Play 2 Heads
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Coleman Hell

Anticipation is growing around the planned 2016 release of Coleman Hell's first full-length album, but fans wanting to go to Hell will be pleased to learn he's just dropped an eponymous EP. This includes three earlier hit singles, "“2 Heads”, “Thumbalina”, and “Take Me Up" (earlier this year, NCM's Noah Siegel termed "Thumbalina" "cleverly crafted left-of-center pop"). The eclectic Hell draws upon hiphop and dance as well as pop elements in his material, as shown by the inventive use of synthesized banjo on his catchy breakout hit, "2 Heads". The combination is working, as indicated by the millions of Spotify streams and YouTube views for his tracks, something that has helped him land an international deal with Columbia (he's on 604 in Canada). Of note: Hell is a member of the talent-heavy sideways artist collective.

Hell is now in the middle of an extensive North American tour that included recent dates in Toronto and Montreal. He plays Vancouver's Venue on Nov. 21.