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Release date: 
August 19, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Stronger Than That
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Bahamas is Afie

Known for his rich guitar tones and warm mellow vocals, Bahamas (real name Afie Jurvanen) made a real splash with 2009 album Pink Strat and 2012's Barchords. Predictions are that he'll step up to the next level with his third full-length, Bahamas Is Afie, and the fact that the mesmerising first single "All The Time" has racked up 177k plays already is certainly a good omen.  He explains that "I really thought I was going to make a traditional folk record but as the recording evolved I started having some pretty different ideas." Inventive arrangements and instrumentation and his signature warm melodies combine to make this a real winner, one of the best Canadian albums of the year to date and one already creating serious buzz.

A very extensive two-month North American tour begins in Fredericton on Sept. 10, concluding in Quebec City's Imperial Theatre on Nov. 8, followed by European dates. For full details, go to Bahamas' website.