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August 4, 2015
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Play I've Been Waiting for Her
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Another One

The fact that an advance stream of Mac DeMarco's new mini-album, Another One, came out via The Guardian, one of the world's very best newspapers/websites, shows the international recognition our slacker pop auteur is now getting (not to mention huge social numbers). He made it to the Polaris Prize shortlist last year with Salad Days (and was in typically inebriated rowdy form at the Gala), and has continued to produce quality work at a prolific rate since. The gentle and hazy synths and guitar on "A Heart Like Hers" make it just one highlight on a collection devoid of duds (NCM's Noah Siegel termed earlier single "The Way You'd Love Her" "groovy and playful"). The clown prince of Can-pop continues to rule. For further proof, consider this: earlier this year a pair of his smelly sneakers sold on Ebay for $21,100 (US), which MDM donated to the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls!

DeMarco begins a huge world tour on Aug. 8 at the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. He then gigs steadily through North America and Europe, then plays Santiago, Chile on Nov. 14 and Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Nov. 15. Many dates are already sold out. For a full itinerary, go to Facebook.