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Release date: 
March 3, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, Dance/Electronic
Play sea castle
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Another Eternity

“Future pop” was the phrase commonly thrown about with Edmonton electro-duo Purity Ring’s 2012’s debut record, Shrines – mostly because the band had coined it themselves. It felt accurate, or at least plausible, because their sound was immediately identifiable as a possible genre trend, and so cohesive and confidently delivered. For their sophomore follow-up, another eternity, producer Corin Roddick and singer Megan James deviate slightly from what they initially established, allowing a contemporary top-40 aesthetic to occasionally creep in. Yes, the vocals are often still chilly and ethereal, but there are more prominent hooks, more revealing personal lyrics, and the dreamy synth textures sometimes give way to electro sirens (look to “flood on the floor” or “sea castle” for evidence). While Purity Ring were once ahead of what’s coming, this band is now more left of centre present, a dreampop-of-the-now. That’s not to detract from it’s successes though, just a result of imitators. Purity Ring is delivering on another eternity with a surgical precision and unmistakable flair, and that works just fine for pop of any era.  

Canadian live dates include June 5 in Montreal at Metropolis, June 6 in Toronto for A&C Field Trip, June 10 in Calgary at the Garrick Center, June 12 in Edmonton location TBA, and June 15 in Vancouver at the Vogue Theatre. More info can be found here