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Release date: 
March 3, 2015
Total songs: 
Folk, International
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20 Strings and the Truth

Folk/world music favourite Harry Manx just keeps churning out fine albums very regularly. New effort 20 Strings and the Truth is his 13th in 14 years. Earlier releases have earned him seven Maple Blues Awards, six Juno nominations, and the Canadian Folk Music Award in 2005 for Best Solo Artist. The title refers to the Mohan Veena, his signature stringed instrument and one that has allowed him to fuse Delta blues and Indian classical music traditions. This record is primarily instrumental, with two vocal songs (Gershwin and Bob Marley covers) alongside seven well-crafted instrumental pieces played by Manx and three sidemen. Interesting piece of trivia: in his early years, Manx was soundman at Toronto's legendary El Mocambo.

Manx is currently touring through Quebec and Ontario, with Western dates to follow.. For details, go here