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1. the members of a household

The Ferreira siblings spent their childhood travelling between Toronto Canada, and a small town in Portugal where their heritage and much of their family still lived. Whether due to The Beatles records on at home, the exposure to traditional Portuguese music or the church, music was a heavy influence on all 3 children.

Brothers Gabriel and Basilio would later play in bands together all through high school and later relocate to Los Angeles, California as the little songs from their bedroom were now finding themselves on EA sports Nascar video games and being performed on stages along side bands as Stone Temple Pilots, My Chemical Romance and Billy Talent.

Simultaneously, bELA Ferreira found herself touring solo in Europe and hosting MTV Portugal, following the unexpected radio success oftwo of her recorded songs.

Ménage was born when all 3 Ferreiras were in Los Angeles and decided to write music together for the first time since first discovering their instruments under the Christmas tree in their parents’ living room.

In 2015 Ménage signed a deal with iPLAY records out of Portugal. The band is set to play a European radio tour in late summer and a full length release in September.

Both U.S. and European tour dates, a song featured on the hit TV series “Degrassi” (MTV Canada) and winning Best Rock Song OfThe Year at the 2014 International Portuguese Music Awards for their song “Our Time is Now”, is just the beginning of what is to come.

Toronto, Ontario
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