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Le Couleur

Le Couleur is elegant vintage disco pop with a touch of kitsch. For the main part their songs are in French and they bring to mind the kaleidoscopic soundscapes of Sébastien Tellier and the energy of Yelle. Laurence Giroux-Do, the quebecois-vietnamese singer, takes on love in its most naively simple and frustratingly complicated moments. Since 2009, the band has been releasing all of its output on bandcamp. Their first two EPs, with their catchy and intimate sound, propelled them to the top of Quebec’s independent radio charts. In 2010 they released their debut album, Origami which attracted the attention of local critics and press before getting international attention in 2011. Origami found its way into the hearts and blogs of Germany, Italy, Mexico, France, and the UK. Together with its 2011 remix album, Origami has been a joyful delight to the ears of American, Chinese and European artists alike and now they are picking up where they left off with the EP, Voyage Love. Following the meeting with remixer French Fox, Le Couleur decided to hire him to produce their next EP. They also called upon the members of French Horn Rebellion to participate in its creation which resulted in a sound that follows in Origami’s footsteps while still breaking new ground.


Montreal, Quebec
Mainstream chart position: 4
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