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Alright, so you're at your favourite night club on a Thursday night feeling a little wavy from your drug of choice. They're playing some pretty dope tunes (for a club), drinks are cheap, and you keep falling in love with every girl that walks by. (Am I crazy or does she keep looking over at me?). It's definitely a good time but you can't decide whether you wanna stay at the club or head home early with your friends to play some Super Smash Bros and beer pong while bumping some 90’s jams (ie. Third Eye Blind, Red Hot Chili Peppers). Jutes knows how you feel, and that's why he’s dedicated his life to making tunes that combine the best of both worlds. He may even drop some real talk on you now and then... unless he’s in the mood to just talk some shit (almost always). Either way, buckle up for some searing fast rap, mellow drugged-up sex ballads, and big tasty hooks filled out by the angelic harmonies of his guitarist/singer/life-long drinking buddy Rubber Buzzard. With his 2012 debut "The ChodeLife EP" Jutes put forth the motto that much like a chode, the JutesFam are simply “little guys just trying to get bigger.” And although their chodes are still puny as ever, the JutesFam has indeed grown since then, with fans and friends linking up through live shows, good vibes, social media, and binge drinking. Two releases later, (Space Highway and Breadcrumbs) the evolution of Jutes’ writing style is clear, with his upcoming EP “Much Love” looking to be his strongest work yet. Honestly though, where the JutesFam shines the most is on stage, where the chemistry of the live guitar and the fiery drunken passion of two old friends having as much fun as possible explodes into the audience in a way that is seldom seen in rap or pop music. Invoking the gods of the golden era of Rock & Roll, they put everything out in the open when they perform, often hitting a climax with Rubber Buzzard thrashing around on the filthy stage floor squeezing the last remaining notes out of a blood-stained guitar and Jutes leaping around spinning like a possessed top. Don't take my word for it though; grab your friends, your enemies, your mom and dad, and head to the next Jutes show. Then get a lil wavy off your drug of choice and watch two grown ass men sharing the best night of their life with you with the ultimate goal of turning fucking awesome fans into fucking awesome friends. Jutes has shared the stage with popular US and Canadian artists including the Dirty Heads, Aer, ModSun, Cisco Adler, Cam Meekins, Mike Stud, Huey Mack, Camm Hunter, D-Pryde and SonReal.
Ottawa, Ontario
Underground chart position: 96
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