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Alessia Cara

When asked if she had a favorite quote, she replied, "start where you are, use what you have, do what you can", which is exactly what Canadian-Italian singer Alessia did the first time she picked up her guitar and began recording herself in her bedroom closet. As her confidence grew, and she started sharing her videos, she had no idea that these humble beginnings would start her on the path to a career in music. As the daughter of a young and loving Italian couple, her parents encouraged her pursuit of music, it was clear to them that her passion was growing, along with her fan-base. Alessia’s smooth and sultry tone was capturing the attention of the world via YouTube. Fans from everywhere were reaching out and offering words of encouragement. Eventually her talent attracted the attention of a young A&R at EP Entertainment who agreed to fly her out to New York to meet. It was apparent that this young girl had talent, and was a star. Alessia took a leap of faith and signed with EP in anticipation towards following her dream of a career in music She was immediately booked into a studio in Toronto where she began to develop her sound, as hit after hit was created, the team knew they were on the right path. Major labels and industry executives instantly took interest and flew her to Los Angeles and New York to meet with them. With her guitar on her back, she moved from meeting to meeting effortlessly, it was a whirlwind and she handled it with ease. The music industry was buzzing and executives instantly fell in love with Alessia, the offers came pouring in. After much deliberation, the decision was made for her to sign with Def Jam Recordings, they had a clear vision for her and with excitement, joined forces with EP and Alessia to launch her music career. The best word to describe her music is “honest”, simply put, it’s her, as she strums her guitar and sings one of her records, it’s easy to tell this is coming straight from the heart. Conceptually, Alessia is speaking for the young generation of rebellious and genuine fans, with music that is relatable to people from all walks of life. Her musical taste and influence is eclectic, she’s a fan of acts such as Amy Winehouse, Drake and Jhene Aiko, to name just a few, she appreciates their “simple writing styles and smooth, soulful delivery.” This young talent has a good head on her shoulders and hopes that her music will serve as a form of “therapy and a beacon to her generation, Alessia has a silent strength about her and as she begins to sing, you can’t help but be captivated. Alessia wants her friends and fans to know, “All you really need is a love for what you do and the ambition to do it”, and she is following this heartfelt message to the letter as she prepares for a career that promises to impact the musical landscape

Toronto, Ontario
Global chart position: 10
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